What to Do If Dentures Get Damaged

February 28, 2022 5:01 am

If you have dentures, then you know just how crucial they are for your smile’s health, appearance, and functionality! Just like your natural teeth, dentures take a lot of everyday wear and tear. There may be some instances in which your dentures will need a little TLC to get them back in tip-top shape. Keep reading about what you should do if your dentures get damaged!

What to Do If Your Dentures Break

If a tooth breaks on your denture, collect the tooth and take it with you to the dentist. Don’t continue to wear your dentures if they are broken. Whether the main base is cracked or a tooth is broken, both will affect the force of the bite and alignment, potentially causing even more damage to the dentures. Contact your dentist right away to get your dentures in for repair!

At-Home Repair Kits

If you wear your dentures often, an at-home kit for smaller repairs may come in handy. At-home kits can help fix small cracks or hold broken teeth in place until you can get your dentures in for repairs. However, be cautious about fixing larger issues with your dentures. You may run the risk of damaging your dentures further and needing a whole new appliance.

In-Office Denture Repairs

Regular denture repairs and check-ins can help increase the longevity of your denture! Dentists have the capability to fix just about any issue you face with your dentures. For example, if one of your teeth has broken off of your denture, dentists can color match a new tooth with the existing denture tooth so that it blends in seamlessly.

Denture Repairs in Olathe, KS

Are you looking for a trustworthy dentist to repair your dentures in Olathe, KS? At Ryan Dental, our team has years of experience creating, placing, and repairing dental prostheses, including dentures. We’d love to restore your dentures so that you can get back to enjoying a complete, functioning smile once more!

Please contact us to schedule your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!


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