Overdentures in Olathe, KS!

Looking for a restorative method that can replace a full arch of teeth? Overdentures offer the ability to replace many missing teeth at once, and they provide the same stability as dental implants. If missing teeth have been holding you back from living your life the way that you want to, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our office. We’ll help you determine if overdentures are the right choice for your smile. Contact our office today!

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What are overdentures?

Overdentures are synonymous with implant-supported dentures. If a patient needs a few teeth removed, that will be done before implants are placed throughout the arch. Our team will design a custom denture that attaches to these implants instead of resting on top of the gums. Overdentures do not require denture adhesive to remain in place, and they tend to feel more stable than traditional dentures. As long as a patient has a healthy jawbone and is in general good health, overdentures are usually an excellent tooth-replacement method.

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How do you take care of dentures?

Dentures are not maintained the same way that natural teeth are. Dentures need to be removed and brushed every night before bed to remove plaque buildup and bacteria. They then need to be soaked in a denture solution to keep them moist. Should your denture dry out, the custom shape may end up warped, and then it will need to be repaired or replaced. Soaking dentures also helps to keep them extra clean, and patients tend to find that it is more comfortable to take them out before going to bed.

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How long do overdentures last?

The denture itself will likely last about 5-10 years before it needs to be replaced to ensure that your artificial teeth always look and feel nice and natural. The implants, however, are likely to last for many decades or even a lifetime without needing to be modified or replaced. Dental implant failure is rare, although it can happen, and it requires reimplanting a loose dental implant into the jawbone so it fits securely. When your denture needs to be replaced, we will create a new custom denture that attaches to your current dental implants.

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